Why Concrete Slabs Leak


What leads to the leakage of a concrete slab? What measures should be taken to avoid such leakages?

It is necessary to plan for a slight sloping face for the free fall of water at the time of shuttering of concrete, because in the absence of this, water lodging will in turn lead to leakage problems in future.

The process of placing concrete in a shutter is a reaction- between cement and water, and curing has to be started in this phase itself. Secondly while placing a concrete especially in hot climates, try to cover it with a sheet, or continuously sprinkle water to it. Or else the tendency of developing cracks on this concrete will be higher. 

Third point is curing of concrete. For the first 14 days, water has to be tethered on the concrete and the next 14 days, water has to be sprinkled on it. 

These minute precautions, at the time of shuttering of concrete slabs, i.e. Placing and curing for 28 days goes a long way towards better durability of concrete slabs

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