Materials for House Construction


What all materials are used in the construction of a house? Or what are the different types of construction?

When we look at the materials used, we have bricks, solid blocks, granites, stones etc. which factor decides the type of materials to be used?  The proximity, the availability and sustainability of a material makes the construction economical and viable. It has its own merits and demerits. Quality of these materials also differ from place to place, which should also be considered. 

What type of construction or structure should we opt for? First we have load bearing, and then frame structure, which makes use of columns, beam and foundation. Both have its own merits and demerits. For a load bearing structure, bricks and locally available materials can be used, whereas frame structures require concrete, and a team associated with it. 

Take a look at the advantages of frame structure. It helps in the load bearing capacity of a building, faster construction, protects against earth quakes, and such natural calamities. Disadvantage lies in the fact that it is 25% more costly when compared to others. 

For renovation of a building in future, frame structure is advantageous, in that only a particular wall has to be demolished, without disturbing the structure of the building. In the case of load bearing,  renovation is a tedious process. 

Now for the merits of load bearing structure, it’s quite easy for a common man to construct a building as per the plan, using this structure. It is viable with locally available materials. But frame structure calls for technicality and support of an engineer. Load bearing structure has advantage over the cost of construction also. 

How would you choose between these 2?

For that do consult a technically qualified engineer or an architect who is well versed with the locally available materials, cost advantage and technical aspects related to construction.

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