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Our Evolution

HIO is founded by the visionaries behind STRIDE Building Engineers Pvt Ltd. They are into large commercial building projects such as factories, warehouses, office buildings etc. It is the realisation that the individual house desirers would benefit largely from the employment of systems and processes that led to the founding of HIO. Transparency is a core value of HIO.

The founders realise that by taking a professional approach, never before seen or experienced in the housing segment, all its clients would benefit. By bringing in the same engineering prowess and knowhow that is employed in the large scale commercial building sector, HIO ensures that the homes are in line with the engineering principles.

Our Approach

It is our endeavour to provide all our clients with the best home construction experience. We believe that our clients benefit largely from the unique services we provide in addition to maintaining the best standards of quality for construction.

We approach all our clients with the same standard approach. Our first proposal will have details on the specifications, construction schedule, and detailed budgetary estimate.


We save you from your worst nightmare. At the very start of the project, we clearly and in detail communicate the costs of building your dream home. The cost remains frozen until the key is handed over.


Monitor your dream home construction from anywhere in the world. Your home will always be under CCTV surveillance right from the start of the construction to its completion.


We stand by our product. We believe in the science that we use. We believe in our systems and processes. Hence all homes done by HIO are completely under the HIO guarantee.


We respect time, ours and all our clients’! We contractually establish the completion date of the project at the proposal stage. We are so certain about on-time completion that we give our clients the right to penalise us for the everyday delay.

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Our People

HIO is a team who is passionate about home construction. Apart from the directors, our team consists of people who believe in our core values. HIO consists of engineers who would be ensuring high-quality construction at the site; customer relationship managers who ensure that all of HIO’s clients are happy about the experience with HIO; procurement team members, who ensure that the right material reaches at the right time; IT team, that ensures all our systems and processes work seamlessly; costing and billing team members, who ensure that all payments to and from HIO are accurately determined.


Together, the team ensures that HIO works each day towards the vision of revolutionizing home construction.



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