Damp Proofing


What exactly is damp proofing? why is it that dampness results in peeling out of a wall?

Damp proofing is a process of repairing dampness. Bottom portion of a roof develop dampness due to 2 main reasons. One is the moisture of the soil, which results in the peeling of the paint. Second is the water content of the wall which seeps down, causing dampness; it’s a process in which, the water during the time of wall construction, retains in the wall, which after plastering seeps down causing wetness to the wall. To avoid this, we should increase the time span before proceeding with the plastering, ensuring enough time for the water to dry properly. To avoid moisture from the soil, form causing wetness provide a concrete belt, or DPC belt for the entire floor. Instead of PCC, using three fourth inch metal, concrete the entire floor to avoid moisture from entering the walls. Another advantage of this method, is that, it avoids the attack of pests, like termites, ants, and other such insects which originate from soil. 

Why should we damp proof toilets, as well as sun shades?

Mainly because, these 2 areas retain moisture, more than any other part of the building. This is done by providing a sunken slab, ie the toilet floor is given a sink and secondly by giving a slope to the floor. Either ways you have to avoid the dampness, by providing a water proofing. Recently we have developed a technique of providing a concrete curb or belt around the walls of the toilet, in order to arrest the dampness. Similarly, water proofing has to be provided for the sun shades, as it retains more water, which in turn leads to dampness of the walls. 

Let’s have a look on how damp proofing differs from water proofing.

Damp proofing is the mechanical precautionary measure, which we ensure to avoid water retention In the walls, usually done during the foundation stage. But water proofing is done after the construction using a particular chemical 

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