Using Stack Effect To Reduce Heat


How to bring down the heat elements in our house using the stack effect? And that’s today’s topic of discussion.

Stack effect is the principle of transferring hot air to the upper side and bringing cool air downwards.

So how can we implement this inside our houses?

When we go back to our ancestral homes every house had the thing called “machu” (wooden false ceiling) – whereby the hot air goes up and gets trapped in there. The same principle is implemented by giving the new generation homes a slopped roof or a false ceiling where in the hot air gets trapped in there. Now by giving few openings to the building the hot air can escape. Thereby letting in cool air from outside and this to a great extend controls the room temperature in the house.

 When we provide an air conditioning system to our homes we are cooling the air inside the room artificially. Instead in the above said method automatic and natural system effect is brought in to provide actual natural fresh air to the rooms.

Now machu is a covered space. With an open courtyard, also we can recreate this effect, for those who love to bring the natures rain effect, indoor.

Advantage is that not just the fresh air, but more of the light will also get inside your space. So we are recreating the living environment in our rooms, through multiple ways. You can actually do that with a window open at the top, like for example, you can provide a glass opening or a grill or jaly type opening to the “machu” which in turn improves the quality of light as well as air which flows into your space.

So next time when you design your dream house, you can improve the air quality of your building by incorporating / considering/ putting in these elements; with simple steps.


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