Building Deteriorating Factors


Any building, however new gets deteriorated in the course of time, as it is prone to wear and tear. The main reason being the climatic variations. We all know about various seasons like winter, summer, monsoon etc. During these variations, almost all materials experience a natural wear and tear. Even without human intervention, every building tends to deteriorate along with time.

Other than the climate, many other reasons contribute to the deterioration of a building. One main element is fire, which is of different types. One is the sudden outbreak due to a false electrical circuit or short circuit. Another one is due to human carelessness, a spark which may lead to complete destruction.

Yet another factor which affects life of a bulding is water.  Water can slowly kill your building. Though it is not as fast a destructor like fire, water is a silent killer. If the water logged areas or leakage areas are not identified on time, it’s going to affect the building materials for the worst. 

Another deteriorating factors are the pests like termites, rodents and other such insects, which we neglect in due course. They in turn start consuming or eat your building, which leads to complete destruction. Care should be taken at the base level of termite infestation, which in the long run leads to the deterioration of the building.

Next reason is natural calamities like flood, earth quake, and other such disasters.

So taking into consideration the above listed factors, great care has to be taken in the maintenance of a building. A conscious decision on monthly maintenance, or annual maintenance has to be made.

Construction of a building never ends just by handing over the keys, maintenance plays a vital role in the life span of a building.  

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