Renovation Criteria


When you opt for a renovation, do make a professional visit to your building. While visiting the site, they will gather the photographs of the existing building and will make a drawing (as presently build) of the building, old buildings seldom have such drawings. Then the structural damages are identified, pointers made and then they commence the art of renovation. It’s after the detailed documentation of the current building that they begin to work upon your requirements. A list of what all should be reused, removed and new elements added will be considered as per the detailed documentation, and then they move to the next step.

After listing, the old and the new are blended into a single drawing. This is to bring more clarity and avoid confusion as to which is old and which is new. This is incorporated through plans and sections into 3D blending. It can be environmentally friendly and cost effective without demolishing much of the present structure.

Much before the renovation, during the time of documentation, a visualization on how the building would look like is made, with the view that the end result out shadows the present one.

End of the day the renovation looks like a blend of old with the new. Withholding the older elements, new utilities, functionalities, plumbing and electrical along with technical aspects like heating, ventilation, and energy efficient medias will also be merged in this process of renovation.

Renovation is an art, with its own limitations which has to be carried out within the frame. It should be cost effective, environment friendly, such that we are not destroying the building completely, instead we do the retention of the old with the new. Hence renovation is very useful and it is important to renovate those buildings which can be saved

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