Influence of Climate on Construction


Primary needs of man includes shelter, food and clothing which is closely related to climate. It all depends on the climatic conditions- the type of house they make, the food they have and the clothes they use. So while deciding a plot for constructing a building, climate plays a vital role. You have to be careful while making the selection. Let’s consider a few things while selecting the plot. To build in accordance with the climatic conditions, 3 to 4 factors need special mention. Monsoon is a main factor for consideration. In Kerala we have three terrains. namely those areas near to sea, where water level has tendency to rise above normal, then mid lands and hilly areas. Type of construction in these areas vary from one another. And various means of construction differ in accordance to the climatic factors. 

Let’s consider how Kerala is geographically separated. areas which are above 10ft from sea level is named as coastal areas, those in between 10 to 76 ft. are named as midland, 76 and above fall under high ranges. The impact of climate on these three places vary from one another. And problems related to monsoon is higher in these areas. 

The flood of 2018. If you evaluate the 2018 flood, there was a huge difference in the problems faced by these terrains. Low lying areas were affected more, with water rising above the building. In midlands due to attack of water the foundation and structures were affected badly. High ranges faced problems related to landslides. A close analyses shows how these areas were affected differently.

Areas fit for constructions was selected much prior by those in need, but with the increase in population people were forced to opt those areas closer to water body. To be precise, its rather a manmade problem and not a climatic effect. The real issue lies in the fact that people converted flood plains as their survival zones and hence these calamities. 

Now for a solution. From the flood that hit us in 1924 and 2018, we have listed those areas which are prone to such attacks, and so can avoid construction in those areas. Be wise enough to avoid building houses in low and mid land areas where the flood had an impact. In high ranges avoid areas with sloped above 20 degrees. Every land won’t be available to us, but then taking precautions will help in avoiding calamities to a great extent. 

Why this consent. Because in 2018, flood washed off around 13000 houses and 2 lakhs of houses were destroyed partially. In an attempt to avoid such mishappenings, do follow these guidelines carefully.

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