Concreting of roof of your home? This is the checklist


The importance of checklists can never be overstated in the construction of any building. It surprises me that it is overlooked so much in the construction of homes. Unfortunately, in this part of the world, home construction has never been given the due technical approach it deserves. Most of the construction activities, especially for houses are being undertaken by non-technical people.

I thought I would share the checklist for concreting works. I have observed that this is an activity in which people go horribly wrong.

Pre concrete checklist

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If you are a home promoter or the end user, I would urge you to ask your contractor or builder to fill this up before the concrete casting. I have listed the IS code references here which provides the details of what the code specifies. Even if you do not have enough technical knowledge, this should be insisted so that the contractor will have some sort of check- control mechanism and this would definitely help in ensuring quality of the concrete cast.

During Concrete checklist

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It is important that the mix proportions are clearly listed down by the contractor to ensure the consistency of the concrete.

Post concrete

Curing should be done. Sometimes it is even wise to have a checklist for ensuring curing at the right intervals. But what the home promoter needs to know is that it is wise to always have the concrete in wet condition. I had previously written on curing and its importance.

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